Rome, Art & Food: a unique travel guide

Rome, Art & Food

An itinerary of art, culture and gastronomy in the most beautiful city in the world: Rome

Rome, Art & Food is an interactive travel guide – always updated – in which the places to visit as well as the restaurants and other eateries have been carefully chosen in a difficult selection. Only 100 addresses; art and food venues, some themed routes following in the footsteps of the greatest artists who have enriched the capital with their works, two must-do tours outside of the city and other advice to enjoy all of the best of Rome.

Why should you buy the travel guide Rome, Art & Food?

  • It is a travel guide with focus on art and food that helps you organize your trip
  • It’s an interactive guide that improves your travel experience
  • It is a reliable guide written by an art historian and a gourmet critic who live in Rome
  • Regular updates are released for free
  • You find reliable tips on restaurants
  • You find interesting artistic and cultural paths
  • You find beautiful hotels and bed and breakfasts at affordable prices

Where can you buy Rome, Art & Food?

On iBooks Store and Amazon! You can buy the ebook now or download the extract and evaluate it!

Publisher: Via dei Gourmet
Authors: Livia Montagnoli, Erica Battellani
Translator: Anna Cox
Available on iBooks Store for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and Amazon for Android / Kindle
Price: 5,99 $
Coming soon on Amazon in different formats.
Italian version: Roma, Arte e Cibo